Social media marketing is part of the overall strategy of marketing your business that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s one of the most important areas where you can increase exposure and gain trust from your audience. Social media management can’t be done without a strategy, though. While everyone makes mistakes and that’s how you grow, these 6 social media mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Posting Just to Post

Social media management can’t be done without putting some thought into it, and you shouldn’t just throw up any old post hoping that will be enough. The point is to get your audience to engage with you, not to just post anything for the sake of posting.

Not Creating a Strategy

Without a strategy, you won’t really know which direction to take. You will find yourself scrambling trying to figure out what to post each day. Just like you took your time to figure out your target audience and your niche, you need to do the same thing for your strategy.

Think about your overall goal with your social media. Are you looking for new leads? Sales? Are you looking to grow your audience and get more exposure? Think about that while creating a content calendar each month.

Turn Negative Comments Into Positive

If your business is online, you’re bound to get some negative feedback. Whether the negative feedback is legitimate or there are people complaining just to complain, you need to remain professional. When you get a negative comment or review, respond to it in a kind manner.

Tell them you want to resolve the problem and give your phone number. Apologize for their bad experience, too. This will show other people reading it that you are open to fixing any issues. So, even though you are stuck with a negative review, other people will appreciate your candor and willingness to fix it.

Drop the Corporate Feel. Be More Personable

People are smart. With all the marketing techniques out there, there’s no doubt other people are catching on to potential in authenticity. They know when someone is just trying to sell something. Be more personable in your social media posts, engage with your audience. Don’t just post about your business.

Be sure to post what you know your audience will like, learn from, and what they will engage to. You want to create conversations with them. At the same time, those conversations can give your business more exposure, so it’s a win-win.

Not Enough Posting

Some companies create a social media page and don’t post much. You can’t really engage an audience when you only post when you feel like it. Aim to post at least once per day. Keep the conversation going.

Buying Fake Followers

This is a trend for some people. They think the number of followers and likes matter the most. That’s very far from the truth. It’s more about quality followers. If you’re buying them, they likely aren’t going to comment on your posts and engage with you. Engage with people naturally and your audience will grow on its own.

We get it. Growing a social media page can seem daunting and time consuming when you have other business obligations. Thankfully, we do this daily and have discovered some tricks along the way to make this important piece of marketing successful. Call us at 720-383-7292 to see what we can do for your business.

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