Want to Know How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

SEO is a renowned online marketing technique that is sure to improve the relevance, trustworthiness, and user experience of your website and also increase its ranking on the most popular search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

The better your SEO rating is, the higher the organic traffic you can expect.

The search engines we’ve mentioned above use more than 500 ranking factors to generate your desired search results.

This is why experts highly suggest that you consider them when you try to rank your website on the first page of the SERP.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work:

Search engine optimization is the product of the Search engine. Different companies have developed various ranking factors, and they use them to determine which content is the most relevant against any search.

However, before displaying the results, the search engine crawlers crawl and index the page on the search engine.

1- Crawling:

Similar to a spider crawling the web, search engine crawlers discover new pages and rediscover the existing pages that are on the web.

The crawlers use links for discovering or rediscovering the content of the page.

This is why internal and external are vital for SEO.

2- Indexing:

How will the crawlers be able to discover or rediscover a page when it has not been stored on the server?

This is where the indexing comes to the rescue.

Just make sure that you’re not adding a spammy backlink on your website or the page.

If you do, you can expect Google to penalize your site forever.

Once the crawling and indexing process is over, the search engine will then analyze all the pages of the website against its ranking factors, such as:

  • Speed
  • Backlink profile
  • Keyword usage
  • Mobile-friendliness

Note: Google or any other search engine does not publish their ranking factors. You will have to stay updated on your own.

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important:

Search engine optimization is imperative because it brings organic traffic to your website.

Ranking on the search engines means that more and more people are visiting your website, and Google now thinks that you are a legit source that provides authentic information.

Let’s suppose that you’ve just opened a fast food point, and you want people to know that you exist.

Creating an online website is not enough. You will have to do SEO on your website if you want to get seen.

What Are The Types Of Seo Strategies?

Check The Below Working Strategies.

1- White-Hat SEO: 

Such a strategy uses recommended practices and user-focused tactics to optimize the website.

For example, they might include generating helpful content, improving page speed, and inserting keywords naturally.

2- Black-Hat SEO: 

Such a type of strategy uses disapproved and spams tactics to optimize the website, such as purchasing backlinks, copying and spinning the content from already published sites, or even keyword stuffing on a page via invisible text.

3- Grey-Hat SEO:

Such a type of strategy uses both white-hat and black-hat SEO strategies.

This means that in order to get instant results, you will be using black-hat strategies, while at the same time, you will be using white-hat practices to maintain the health of the site.

If you want to make search engine optimization work for a long period, investing in white-hat SEO tactics and techniques is your best choice.

As we’ve said that black-hat SEO may deliver quick results, but it will eventually result in penalties against your site.

Types of SEO

The 3 Types Of Search Engine Optimization:

There are three types of search engine optimization that you need to know prior to you start the ranking process of your website. They are:

1- Technical:

All the ranking strategies happen on your website’s backend.

2- On-page:

All the ranking strategies happen on your website.

3- Off-page:

All the ranking strategies happen off your website.

Things To Avoid For SEO:

Below we’ve listed some of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when doing SEO.

So, read them carefully so that you do not make them as well.

 Site Speed Matters A lot:

A website that does not load instantly will drive the traffic away.

This means that the bound rate will increase, which will eventually decrease the ranking on the SERP.

Negative Reviews On Google:

When you want to hire a company like SEO Agency in Denver for their services, you read their customer reviews, right?

If the company does not have good reviews, you will never recommend them to others.

Similarly, when someone posts bad reviews of your website on Google, the search engine takes it very seriously.

The more negative reviews against your website, the lower your ranking will start to get.

Make Sure Of The Verification Code:

A lot of people have encountered such an issue.

You might receive a faulty verification PIN code, but try changing your profile from private to public and try again.


These are just some of the basic guidelines that will give you an idea of how search engine optimization tends to work.

There are a lot of videos and helpful material on the internet that will teach you the basics of SEO to advanced SEO techniques.

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