It’s a simple fact that Content Isn’t About Quantity, It’s About Strategy because the internet has become saturated with content. Upon searching a keyword, or phrase, on Google, you will notice that there are hundreds of thousands of results appear. But, before you rush off thinking that content can’t result in ROI since the search engines are so consumed with it already, you need to know that you can still benefit. Sure, when someone types in something related to your business, it may be harder to get on that first page of results. However, working with an expert can boost your chances and your ROI.

Content Isn’t About Quantity, It’s About Strategy

Why Content Isn’t About Quantity, It’s About Strategy

There are many myths about content and most of the time content quality matters a lot for that reason some of the steps should be addressed.

1- First, Drop The Mindset About Quantity

With the old SEO techniques, people were churning out content daily. Sometimes even multiple times per day to get their business on the first page of Google, to ultimately get them noticed by their prospective clients. Today, Google and SEO are different. You have to keep up with the algorithms, and posting 30+ blog posts per month isn’t going to work the way it used to save your creativity to pour into more effective methods such as a strategic plan.

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Why Content Strategy Wins

Great content is carefully articulated. Nobody wants to read a bunch of thrown-together words that someone rushed to slap together. With content strategy, your company gets to define the goals and specific purpose, and incorporate it all into a plan. A content strategy allows you to improve your search ranking results, convert users, attract previous customers, enhance brand awareness, improve traffic and gain more leads.

Additionally, you won’t just be typing your life away with a strategy, you will have a plan that consists of more than just blogs. For example, your strategy can include videos, case studies, infographics, interviews, checklists, eBooks, and more. You can get highly creative with strategy development.

What You Should Know About Content Strategy

Content marketing strategy is the management of online media that you create and own. For example, this can be visual, written, audio, downloadable, and even more. It’s one of the most important parts of your marketing plan that will keep demonstrating who you are, and the expertise you bring, and will help drive your growth.

Your content strategy can’t just be thrown together. It has to be well-thought and planned out. When you’re coming up with a game plan for your strategy development, you need to keep a few key aspects in mind such as:

Who you’re creating content for

Think of your target audience is there just one audience that can benefit or are there more? You can use different types of content channels to deliver to each audience. For example, some people prefer blogs, some may enjoy emails, while others find your content intriguing on social media.

What problem are you solving

Always keep the problem you’re solving for your audience in mind when you’re planning your content strategy and at any point in your marketing. During your strategic planning process, keep your target audience in mind. Create your content in such a way that the message is personalized to them and they have a clear vision around how they can overcome their challenges with your product and/or service.

Why should they buy from you

You likely have competitors. Why do you stand out? What do you do differently? What makes your product or service unique? Be sure to incorporate these answers into your strategy.

Management and publication

Not only will you need to create this content strategy plan but also you will need to organize and publish it. A content calendar is valuable and beneficial for the planning process. While developing a content strategy is beneficial for the growth of your business, it’s understandable that you don’t have much time to spare as a business owner.

Working with an expert in the marketing field can help speed up the process so you can focus on more hands-on tasks in your business. If you want to learn more about how I can help you with your content strategy, please Contact Us or give us a call at 720-383-7292.

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