In today’s digital world, having an online presence as a business is imperative. If you own a business and don’t know these 5 ways to grow your online presence, you could be missing out on potential leads and growth. Building your digital presence is more than just throwing up a website or a profile page on a popular social media platform. You need to reach your audience where they are, become engaged with your followers, and create a memorable customer experience.

Grow Your Online Presence

5 Ways to Grow Your Online Presence:

Online Presence became the need of every business in the present society, We have to improve our online existence to grow and enhance our businesses.

1- Social Media:

According to Fundera, 95% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 are more likely to follow a brand if they find them on social media. When you create engaging posts on social media platforms daily, you are connecting with your audience and making a personable connection. As you post more and connect more, you are not only exposing your business for more leads, but you’re also building trust which is vital to driving more sales.

2- Google Ads:

If you’re new to the online marketing world,  let’s put this one in perspective. You know the billboards you see out of the corner of your eye as you’re driving down the road? Often times businesses will pay for an expensive billboard, but people don’t pay much attention to them. Same thing with commercials. There are some people who do watch commercials, but more people tend to go to another channel until their show comes back on.

Think about that and realize how many marketing dollars are being thrown out because people aren’t paying attention to the ads you’re putting out. With Google ads, it’s different. It’s a wise investment because the ads are being placed in front of your audience. You are being suggested as a direct response to a query or a question.

When you work with a professional for these ads, you can see a significant ROI because you can choose where to place the ads, and choose the right keywords so they are placed in front of people that are looking up something specific. For example, let’s say you sell healthy dog treats. When someone goes to type that in Google, your ad will appear and they will be more apt to click on it.

3- Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ):

SEO is a way to increase the probability of someone finding your website. There are special keywords that professional search engine optimization agencies can use to place on a website, blog, or another piece of content for a better chance of driving traffic. By using SEO content strategies, boost your search engine presence with Stone Marketing Group. According to some data, 67,000 searches are being performed every second on Google. Just imagine teaming up with an expert on this and having the proper keywords in your content, you could be getting an insane amount of leads.

4- Email Marketing:

Email is an important part of any marketing strategy. You may hear email marketing is dead, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, email boasts the highest ROI of any marketing channel to date. Strategy and engaging content are vital to ensure you keep your readers engaged and anticipating your next communication. Most people have a smartphone on them at all times, and the majority of those people have their email synced to their phones.

This is one piece of your marketing that you don’t want to miss. As Per Email Marketing Stats for 2019 active emails are expected to be around 5.6 billion this year. Additionally, 73% of millennials say that rather their communications from businesses come via email.

5- Blog Content:

Some businesses that are visible online seem to neglect blog content, but that is not recommended. While other marketing techniques are vital to your business, blog content is no different. While it doesn’t typically give a fast ROI, it provides benefits in other ways. As you put out consistent blogs with engaging and helpful content, you are building your audience’s trust. They know you are wanting to provide them with some helpful tips, tricks, and other value.

Additionally, they can share this content with their friends and family, which creates more exposure. Not to mention, your posts will show up in Google if the correct keywords were used, which will drive new traffic when someone is looking up a similar topic related to your blog post. With the world basically all digital now, it’s important that you take notice and move your marketing online to create an online presence.

Whether you’re not online yet and need a marketing strategy, or if you are online but still need help to figure out what will benefit you the most, please call us at 720-383-7292.

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