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Years of experience in digital marketing have taught us that innovation is everything. We keep reinventing ourselves to remain the front-runner in the domain. Stone Marketing Group helped many companies in Westminster to gain greater visibility and traction. We have achieved this through innovative ideas coupled with intensive digital marketing. This two-pronged approach helped us serve our clients better and also gain exposure.


Stone Marketing Strategy’s creativity and diligence are without parallel in the market. Our strategy is simple: We give personalized attention to each of our clients. This mantra is the outcome of our understanding that each company differs. We brand a company and devise advertisements based on their priorities and goals.


We take pride in saying that our clients’ businesses grew manifold after hiring us. We generate models to increase leads. Having worked with many companies in Westminster, we know how to put your company on the path of growth. We assure you your company will get a sharp spike in leads. With the groundwork done, you will be ready to scale greater heights.

No Fixed Contract

We don’t restrict our clients in any way. You can choose to stay with us as long as you wish. We do this because we are confident about what we are doing. We are instrumental in many companies’ growth by providing them traffic and leads. When your work talks for you, you don’t need a binding contract to keep clients. And, that is why we stick to our ‘No Fixed Contract’ rule.


Stone Marketing Strategy adapts to the changing digital media environment very well. When it comes to technology, we are quick to embrace the change. For instance, we now provide Marketing Automation and Content Management System (CMS) solutions. We also provide e-commerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plans. All these are examples of our quick adaptation to emerging trends in the digital domain.

Proven Track Record

We helped many companies in Westminster build from scratch. From creating portals to helping companies market products, we have done it all. We have also successfully dabbled in creating software infrastructure to automate work. We have been serving companies as a one-stop solution for all their digital needs.

Dedicated Service

At Stone Marketing Strategy, clients get to work with us one-on-one. Every idea, strategy, and proposal that comes from us is exclusively crafted for you. We don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team members will listen to your needs and concerns with the utmost attention. We never hesitate to incorporate a client’s valuable ideas into a project.


Stone Marketing Strategy is not just another digital marketing agency in Westminster. We are specialists in acting as an invisible bridge between companies and customers. We offer solutions that are tailor-made for your concerns. Your company’s size does not matter to us.

Our goal is to bring more and more customers to you through our robust internet marketing. We know that the growth of a firm is a true testimony to our skills. We want you to grow using the skills and expertise of our experts.

Data Security

We know how much of a headache it is for a company to lose its customers’ data. From Facebook to Microsoft, many giants have found themselves in troubled waters. Hence, we have a multi-level security system to safeguard your valuable data. Your information with us is 100% safe. We also adhere to the confidentiality clause in letter and spirit. We never share the data with anyone, for we value the trust of our customers.


We believe that the key to remaining successful in any business is honesty. We will never attempt to sell you something that you don’t need. From a project’s progress to its hiccups, a client gets to see everything. We will keep you posted on the project at regular intervals. We are open about the techniques used by us, and any client keeps track of their project. They can also contact relevant resources at any time to iron out any wrinkles.

We Go For That Extra Mile

Do not settle for mediocrity because we are always curious about how to add more value to your company. We have nurtured this attitude ever since our company’s formation. While working with us, you will get that one solution that was proving to be the stumbling block. It will help you as a company to judge better and make an informed decision.

Our expertise aims at serving you. Behind each happy customer is the toil of our experts. And, also behind every customer is a new experience leading to better service the next time.


Having worked with numerous companies, we have experienced unusual and recurring challenges. It helped us to come up with quality ready-made solutions for a set of issues as soon as we detect them. From time to time, we do update these off-the-rack solutions. It keeps the solutions fresh. Even as every client gets a customized response, we keep learning and improving.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

The market is rife with template solutions and clone apps. However, we rarely pick any of those to rectify a client’s issues. Instead, we build their reputation to address a company’s concerns. On our side, we have churned out a considerable number of negative reviews for our clients. These solutions are often powerful and tough for others to copy. This out-of-box innovation is a testimony to our skills benefiting our clients.

Expert Team

Some firms claim to have versatile teams that can give answers to different issues. But the truth is that such companies struggle to move up. It is because they lack experts. At Stone Marketing Strategy, we have experts in dealing with unique problems. Be it Marketing, Sales, CMS, or Cloud Infrastructure; we have dedicated experts in Westminster. Our band of experts is ready to troubleshoot and come up with innovative solutions.


We understand the importance of communication. Thus, we never keep our clients in the dark. From a minor challenge to a big leap in the project, we keep them informed. Likewise, we never make our clients wait for lengthy discussions or a brief talk. We value time and ensure that it is never wasted. To ensure that issues never crop up, we keep our clients in the loop with progress reports. Our policy is to reach out to our clients and offer them optimized solutions before an issue arises.


When it comes to online marketing, consistency is crucial in determining a firm’s success. Consistency is not restricted to frequency, but to the campaigning style as well. Our teams ensure that a style chosen for your company’s promotion remains unchanged. It will instill your brand into the minds of customers. We don’t play around with your company’s image.

Long-term Relationship

Upon your sign-up with us, we will dedicate a team to Westminster to handle your project. This team will give its undivided attention to your project. It will be readily available for a discussion or a talk with you. In short, you will have your army of experts. This approach is to build a long-term relationship with your company.

We Listen

We were once where you are now. Hence, we know the struggles and issues of a budding company. We understand your concerns about budget, deadline, investment, and other associated factors. Sit with us for a discussion so that we can devise a perfect solution at your budget. We believe in open communication and keeping the channels open, for great things happen over a talk.

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15 Things to Know When you think; How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency


Never outsource your marketing before doing market research. If a digital marketing agency says that it has a pre-designed plan for you, be doubtful. It is an industry that has myriad solutions to one problem. If your agency uses the same old technique for all emerging problems, it may not be the best one. Time-tested formulae stand the risk of getting outdated. Better go for innovation than missing the train.

Check Their Online Presence

A digital marketing agency’s presence in the digital world should be noticeable. If it can’t manage to make its presence sound and strong on the internet, chances of it doing it for you are low. A successful firm would use the strategies on itself before offering them to you.

Understand Your Needs

Digital marketing is a world of its own. You may not need all the things the world offers. Just because it offers a catchy eye application, you need not buy it for your company. From a CRM tool to social media marketing and email retargeting, it offers a host of weapons. Choose the ones you need wisely. Why pay for something that is of no use to you.

Keep Your Focus On Value

Don’t fall prey to an agency that promises you digital marketing at an industry-low price. Instead, pay attention to the ones who provide value within your budget. Never compromise quality for a low price. You may end up finding yourself at a dead end. Quality supersedes quantity. You don’t want the noise; you just want the goods.

Get to Know Their Services

As mentioned before, not all digital marketing agencies are the same. Some go for that extra mile, some are unbelievably terrible, and some just do their job. Agencies that are good in all facets of digital marketing are rare as it requires a huge investment. Check what a digital marketing company offers.

Assume that your priorities are SEO, blogging, and organic traffic to your website. But, if the agency does not have good bloggers, it may not be the one for you. The company has to come true on the touchstone of your assessment.

Consider the Agency’s Size

Don’t underestimate the potential of a small digital advertising agency. Compared to the big fishes, small firms will have more time to scale their business to greater heights. Small firms may hide stellar performers, who can be the difference between a leap or a fall.

Take a Look at Their Past Clients

Ask a digital marketing agency about their past clients. Look for reviews from their clients. Some companies will give you a portfolio containing reviews by their clients. Check for online reviews from small-time companies for whom the agency had worked. If a firm has experience with your industry and possesses good testimony, you are in good company!

Get To Know Their Strength

Check if the digital marketing company in Westminster is an expert in the things you need. Some are experts in Content Management systems, some in content creating. An expert in affiliate marketing needs not to display the same skills in managing retargeting tools. Never assume that a digital marketing agency is a go-to person for all your digital needs.


Negotiating is good only when you are not adamant about a number. Instead, put your quote between two numbers. Chances are high for the agency to go for a number somewhere in the middle. If an agency says the budget is non-negotiable, ask them for changes in clauses (to suit your needs).


Every digital marketing company in Westminster will have its portfolio. Ask for a portfolio and check the testimonials of a company’s past clients. If everything is rosy, note down the names of a few clients. Later, call up the clients and ask their opinion about the agency and its capabilities. They may give you an insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the company.

Visit The Agency

Never hire an agency over the phone or by mail. Visit them, discuss the terms, needs, budget, and the like before taking a call. Likewise, do your homework on digital marketing before visiting a company. Ask them a few questions and pay attention to the way they address your queries.

Mode of Communication

Being a client, an agency must always keep you in the loop. Some companies provide clients a dashboard to track their progress in real-time. An agency should keep you informed from a marketing campaign to an important update to the CRM app. The data an agency gives you should be easy to understand. Uncluttered data will help you make wise decisions.

Strategy Vs. Execution

Check the area of expertise of an agency. Some companies devise strategies and expect you to execute them. Some vice versa. Certain companies do both. Pick the one that suits your needs the most.

Check Their Website

Scan through the digital marketing company’s website. Check whether they have listed the services they offer. Look for past clients and testimonials.

Have an Open Talk

Assume that you have zeroed in on a digital marketing company. Be transparent and precise while talking to them. Make your expectations clear and ask questions. Ask them if they can help your company gain traction by addressing the main problems.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a tool that can help bring your company to the top results of a search engine. When done right, your website will get more traffic. Optimization is by improving the quality and quantity of content on your website.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media such as Facebook to promote a product is social media marketing. The content is often shareable and helps companies to build a strong online presence.

Online Reputation Management

Managing a company’s reputation in online media is ORM. We do monitor the search engine result pages of our clients often to weed out negative results. It is an ongoing task to maintain a company’s image online.

Graphics Design

Companies make graphic content to market/explain/introduce their products and services. Artists put together illustration, typography, and motion graphics to create an appealing layout.

Email Marketing

Sending commercial emails to people on a company’s product is email marketing. One can embed video, audio, and images in a commercial email.

Content Marketing

Using posters, infographics, and images online to promote a product is content marketing. It is often done both overtly and covertly.

Web Design

Designing features of a site such as a header, footer, layout, appearance is Web Design. Arranging the content within a website for an appealing site is Web Design.

Six Mistakes to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

Falling Prey For Polished SEO Presentations

Looks can deceive you. Especially when it comes to the digital world. If a company puts too much effort into wooing you through a shiny presentation, be wary. Making sales presentations costs dear. If an agency is pumping money into presentations, it shows their priority. Check how much resources they divide for client services. If it surpasses their budget for sales, it may be the one for you.

Choosing Cheap Marketing Agencies

An old saying that stays relevant: You get what you pay for. Time and the internet always expose cheap agencies using paid links and plagiarised content.

Choosing Cheap Marketing Agencies

Skipping Prep Work

Would you start chopping a tree without sharpening your ax? No, right. Adopt the same approach when it comes to your digital needs. Sit with your agency, discuss how they are going to take things further. Ask them what resources and tools they need to fulfill your needs. Don’t entrust your future into the hands of an agency and forget about it. Keep a continuous track of the work.

Selecting Agencies Without Real-World Experience

Choose an agency with little to no real-world experience and be ready to see performance only on paper. Such agencies will trick you with the likes and clicks your company has got online. In no way, It assures success for your company. Soft metrics such as ‘Likes’ are not a strong indicator of your performance.

Not Choosing A Full-Service Digital Agency

Choosing a firm that does not specialize in basic digital marketing services is bad for you. Services like SEO, social media marketing, and blogging are intrinsically related. If a company is not able to do these things, steer clear of them.

Not Asking For a Plan From A Digital Agency

Many clients fail to ask for a plan from their digital marketing agency. It will not only leave you perplexed after some time but also affect your company’s growth. Ask which platforms and tools your agency is going to use. Be an informed client.

FAQs on Digital Marketing

Is a Blog Necessary?

Creative content attracts visitors to your website. While videos, podcasts, and photos manage to pull in the crowd, blogs are better. It is because one can distribute different marketing content on a blog. Also, generating blog content is way cheaper than say a video or photo montage.

Can You Define SEO?

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is the art of making your site suitable for sites like Google. If optimized, your site will get more visibility and traffic.

Can You Explain Digital Marketing?

Any kind of marketing done online is digital marketing. Reaching out to customers through email, social media, search engines is digital marketing.

When Will I See Results?

It depends on the tools we choose. If it is SEO, it will take a few months for your site to appear on the top results. In contrast, social media marketing attracts visitors to your site immediately. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution available. It differs from case to case.

What Is Content Marketing?

Using content to market your company’s products/ services is content marketing. The content can be a video, blog, infographics, presentation, email, podcast, and the like.

Which Social Channel Do I Need?

It depends on your objectives and customers. If your product is visually appealing, you may need Instagram and Pinterest.

Are There Any Benefits From Using Digital Marketing?

Indeed. The world has changed so much that a company needs to have its digital presence to grow big. A company without a social media trail would never outgrow the geographical constraints.

Can You Define Keywords?

Keywords are words people use online to find what they want. Online search engines such as Google and YouTube throw results based on the keywords.

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